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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The 'Nice Guys' of Running Man

For the last couple of years, Jong Kook's manner hands had all of us dead with aawww(s). This time, however, we have another 'nice guy' in the Running Man Member: Lee Gwang Soo. Yes, this tall giraffe was caught by a friend with a camera helping out during a wedding! How nice of him to avoid a catastrophe during the most important day of the couple's life. Maybe some of Jong Kook's manner hands rubbed off on Gwang Soo... Nonetheless, we've got details on what he did during the wedding. Plus, for those KJK fans out there... a recap for all the moments of our Commander's manner hands and respectable behavior to the female guests.

Jong Kook was born to be a gentleman. It's unbearable for the girls to see him treat the female guests so nice, you really wish you could be one of these girls. 

Episode 93-94. Jong Kook was paired with HyunA. 

Episode 55. Jong Kook paired up Jiyoen(T-ARA).
Episode 139. On a more recent episode, here's our Commander paired up with Go Ah-Ra. 
Jong Kook was trying to protect the star Go Ah-Ra with his body from the menacingly skillful lady Lee Yeon-Hee who was teamed up with Gary! Okay.. So we've seen the first charming gentleman. Let's get to details about the gentleman nicknamed the Giraffe who saved the wedding. This traitor that we all know so well in Running Man is actually a really nice guy!
A friend who saw what he did commented, I didn’t know this happened on the day of the wedding! I realized after I saw the video an acquaintance sent me. When the bride and groom were exiting, the veil got caught and the bride couldn’t move. Then Kwangsoo’s manner hands appeared and quickly untangled the veil. Lee Kwang Soo is the real ‘Nice Guy‘! How can you not love him? Look at those big eyes that look on worriedly even after he untangles the veil. I almost cried because I was so touched! Thanks, Kwang Soo. A lot of people at the ceremony were touched looking after seeing this. He’s so nice!” 
Interestingly, he keeps this behavior up on episode 145. He gave up his seat for Ji Hyo when she entered. This is a gentleman right here, ladies.

Despite all the betrayals in Running Man, Jong Kook and Gwang Soo are both really close in real life and stayed in touch even after shooting episodes. I guess Jong Kook's manner hands rubbed off on Gwang Soo. Running Man is indeed a family. 

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